Tomato Gardening Can Be More Than A Hobby


For many homeowners tomato gardening can be a time to enjoy being outdoors and they watch their plants and satisfaction grow in equal proportion. To some it is a hobby and to others a desire to have the freshest fruit possible. Still others will use the tomatoes to make their own sauces for their meals, knowing the tomatoes are fresh and exactly what fertilizers and pesticides were used to help them grow and survive.

There is work involved in tomato gardening, especially prior to planting as the soil must be prepared and, it is recommended, tested for acidity and brought to neutral pH prior to putting the plants into the ground. Cultivated or tilled, the soil is loosened to provide a firm, yet open space for the roots to grow and it should hold all the nutrients needed for the plants to grow and thrive.

Plant the tomato plants close to a chain link fence so that it can grow up with the help of the fence. For a chain link fence installation visit this website.

For many, tomato gardening also involves a daily walk, weather permitting, through the area to check the status of the plants, looking for signs of disease or problems with bugs and to make sure the plants are growing at an expected rate. It can also provide an excuse to get out of the house and tomato gardening can provide quiet time for contemplation.

End Result Is The Payoff For Labor

Depending on the number of plants, tomato gardening can be a fun experience and watching the fruits of your labor mature and grow ready for harvest is also a satisfying experience. Picking fresh fruit, washing it and slicing it onto a sandwich can make all the effort put into tomato gardening well worth it.

Additionally, tomato gardening can supply a full supply for people to make their own sauces for spaghetti, pizza and others where tomatoes are the main ingredient. While making sauce is a labor intensive process, a bushel of tomatoes can make about two-gallons of homemade sauce. How it is seasoned is a personal choice, but being able to use your own produce in your own sauce also brings a sense of personal satisfaction. You grew the tomatoes, you made and sauce and now you can feed the family through your efforts of tomato gardening.

For those seriously interested in tomato gardening, starting the plants from seed in the basement or a homemade hot box can add to the satisfaction of personal efforts. Seeds can be started six to eight weeks before planting time putting your own plants in the soil also adds to the satisfaction gained from your tomato gardening efforts.

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